Visit Almere!

Almere, considered the youngest and most innovative city in the Netherlands, is located just across the IJmeer from Amsterdam. Almere has only existed for almost 45 years. Almere is as old as the Rubik’s Cube. There are many reasons to visit this amazing city and stay there a little bit longer!

The town of Almere was built on reclaimed land: the place used to be sea. Almere lies 3 to 5 meters below sea level. With more than 200,000 inhabitants, it is one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands. Almere has a coastline of 42 kilometers, beautiful nature and impressive architecture. Go for a lovely day of cycling over the seabed, go shopping in Almere Centre of chill with your friends on the beach or a terrace in the sun.

On the website Visit Almere (in English) you’ll read about the highlights of Almere and find lots of ideas for activities, excursions ánd the best places to lunch/dine or to chill.

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