Traveling to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a compact, open minded country with an active cubing community. The country is easily accessible for competitors and visitors from all over Europe, both by air, by train and by car. About one third of the Netherlands lies below sea level, with the lowest point being almost 7 meters below sea level. The country stays above water through a complex system of dikes and pumps and through sand dunes along the coast. In fact, the Netherlands has one of the most sophisticated anti-flood systems of the world.

The Netherlands is known as a tolerant and internationally oriented country. Almost all Dutch people speak English, many also speak German and/or French.

Whether you travel by car, train or plane, Almere and Amsterdam are easy to reach from all over Europe. Schiphol International airport has good and frequent connections with a lot of other European airports. The extensive network of high-speed trains also provides rapid connections to, for example, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Germany.

The Netherlands is a relatively small country. Due to the short distances,almost every place within theNetherlands can be reached quickly. Public transport and the road network are of high quality. And do like the Dutch: travel by bike!

In the next months, you will find more information about traveling in the Netherlands

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