News about WCA Euro 2020

European Championship has been cancelled

This week we unfortunately had to decide to cancel the WCA European Championship 2020. Given the COVID-19 pandemic it is not realistic anymore to organize a championship of this scale this coming summer.

Rubik’s main sponsor European Championship!

We are pleased to announce Rubik's Brand Ltd as the main sponsor of WCA European Championship 2020. We are grateful for their generous sponsorship.

Another warming up: Denmark & Friends

Make your Europe cubing tour complete with Denmark & Friends on July 3 - 6  in Copenhagen! It will be a 4 day competition with all 17 official events.

Registration starts January 15

Online registration for the WCA European Championship will start on January 15 2020. After registration you still have until June 9 2020 to meet your qualification requirements.

Warming up: London Open 2020

Are you looking for a warming-up competition? The UKCA wil be hosting London Open, in the weekend before WCA Euro 2020. In only 4 hours, you'll travel by train from London to Amsterdam.

WCA Euro 2020 in the Netherlands!

It's final: the Netherlands will host the WCA European Championship 2020! Today, the board of directors of the World Cube Association announced its decision.