The Rubik’s presents WCA European Championship 2020 Almere-Amsterdam will not only attract at least 800 competitors and their families (from all about Europe – and more), the Championship will create a lot of exposure. In Almere, the Netherlands ánd other European countries. In and outside the cubing community. This makes the championship really interesting for companies to enter into sponsorship.

Rubik’s Brand Ltd is our main sponsor. There are still sponsor possibilities for smaller sponsorships!

A sponsorship collaboration will be interesting for:

  • Companies that could find their future employees within the cubing community (speedcubers are smart young people with mathematical talent)
  • Local companies in Almere and Amsterdam (to attract participants and visitors)

It is also possible to rent a booth in the Fun Zone. Are you interested? We would like to discuss your – and our – wishes and ambitions, and see how we can work together in a way that benefits both of us.