Fun Zone

The Rubik’s presents  WCA European Championship 2020 will be more than ‘just a big competition’. Next to the main hall, you will find the Fun Zone. Competitors and visitors are welcome to join activities, chill out and have a drink of snack.
Thanks to a large screen, you won’t have to miss anything from the competition!

Chill out with your friends

The Fun Zone is the place to meet friends and make new friends. Of course, there are plenty of training tables to cube and prepare for the competition.

Chess & (board)games

Play chess or a (board) game with your cubing friends or other visitors! From Rubik’s Race to Stratego, from Okavango to table football: plenty to choose from!

Unofficial events

Competitors and guest can participate in a number of unofficial events. There will be a (team) competition cube mosaic and probably Magic & Master Magic and team blind. And more!

Merchandise sale booth

A unique t-shirt, sweater of jacket will be a great memory of this championship! At the booth of FineDesigns you have a choice of many colours, sizes and models. You choose the prints yourself! Probable, there will be a webshop in advance. Stay tuned!

Speedcubes sales booth

The Dutch cube shop Cubediction will be present with a wide variety of cubes for sale, of all well-known brands. You will find the booth all days in the Fun Zone. You can possibly place your order in advance.

Cube art and optical illusions

Cubes don’t just feel like solving them, they also give great creative inspiration! Hanneke Rijks creates art with cubes, impossible objects and optical illusions. Her works always bring a smile!