All about the competition

17 official events

All 17 official WCA events are on the schedule of the Rubik’s presents WCA European Championship. The number of rounds can vary per event, as well as the number of competitors that proceed to the next round.

Qualification requirements

To participate in this European Championship, you will have to qualify before or on June 9, 2020. For 2x2x2, 3x3x3, Skewb and Pyraminx you will only need a WCA result for the specific events.


Online registration and payment for competitors for the Rubik’s presents WCA European Championship 2020 is open since January 15. You will pay a basic fee (including 3x3x3) + a fee per event.


The top 3 (European) winners of every event, will be rewarded with an award. At this stage, there is no provision for prize money.